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Hiking around Baker Lake.

The World Inside of My Pocket


About a year ago I decided to start building something that resembled a private life. I stopped taking Instagram pictures of everything and left my phone in my pocket more often to focus on the memories I was creating. I stopped obsessively checking into locations on Foursquare and only did so for deals or if it assisted me in better communicating a story. I locked down my Facebook, I stopped tagging people in tweets and whatever I put out there in the world I did so with the idea that it was controlled and that everything else was for me and me alone.

I sincerely doubt that anyone noticed and that’s great. I feel a lot better about what I make available and my mental health has been a lot better because of it. Still, there is one aspect of this private life that I struggle with and that’s my relationship with Twitter and that nebulous space we all live in now where no one’s clear on where one’s job begins and ends.

I know where that line exists. It’s my pocket.

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Harold likes to help me with my homework. And yes that is a diaper we made to make sure he doesn’t pee everywhere when we let him roam the house..don’t judge.


Omg. Morning made.

This is the cutest thing ever


harold stop pissing everywhere god damn

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from two of my favorite Studio Ghibli films,

I give you prince mononoke and lady howl. I had alot of fun painting this ! hope you guys like.

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Poster: ‘X-Men Days of Future Past’ | /Film

I hope it doesn’t suck. 

Anonymous asked: I know a girl who went to art school in Georgia, only to drop out because "her teachers were too mean to her" when they would critique her work. Do you think that is sincerely the case, or is it more likely that she did not have the work ethic?


I think many aspects of the way people live and interact with one another are too harsh, too cruel, and unnecessarily nasty — but education (especially art education) is an area that if anything, should be harder. It should coddle less, be honest more, and build an environment that invites criticism as a building tool, not something that can be too “mean”. The purpose of an education is to learn and improve — but I found in my experience at art school — that most students, myself included at times — treated it as a place to express angst or most commonly: just not give a shit about anything. Giving up was a widespread mentality among people who weren’t willing to improve.

Don’t get me wrong, there are awful teachers with god-complexes who are just a brigade of dicks for the sake of it and do not care about building you up through breaking you down in a productive manner — but I still believe that this shouldn’t be cause for quitting school. Education shouldn’t coddle you, it should depict harsh reality in a space where the consequences aren’t as severe as losing a contract or getting fired. There are dick brigades in the real world, awful clients, awful bosses, irrational criticism, malicious criticism, people who will knock down your ideas, shit on your dreams, and education at its best should steel you for how to handle and work through that. I believe it’s better to ready you for the imperfect world and the imperfect people that fill it — than for how it ideally should be. 



that was wild from start to finish

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